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Pulsa GRATIS dari Nusaresearch! Mau?

Yang tidak memakai ponsel saat ini siapa? Ponsel tersebut harus memiliki jumlah pulsa yang mencukupi agar dapat beraktivitas dengan ponsel tersebut, bukan? Nah, sekarang , paling tidak sebulan sekali ada cara mudah untuk mengisi pulsa secara berkala.Nu… Continue reading

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Google Data Studio for Ecommerce Businesses

Google Data Studio is a great tool to visualize datasets from multiple sources, such as Google Sheets, BigQuery, AdWords, and others. But being part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, it is no surprise that it makes a perfect visualization tool for Google Analytics too! In the coming weeks and months we will showcase some best practices and sample reports in this blog, but we thought we would start with something you are acquainted with: Google Analytics. 
With that in mind, we decided to create a sample report that may give you some inspiration on how to build your next dashboard. The example below will provide some good ideas on which charts, dimensions and metrics to use to visualize your Ecommerce data. Please note that some of this data will be available only for accounts that have Enhanced Ecommerce implemented.
Report created using Google Analytics data on Google Data Studio 

Let’s go over some of the elements you see in the screenshot above.
  1. Header: it is always helpful to provide some info and controls in the top of the report. In this case you will see the website logo, a time range control and a series of four filter controls, with which you can segment your reports by Device, Country, Source or User Type.
  2. Trend charts: the four line charts in the top left will show how the business is performing over time (also compared to the previous period). This is important to understand drops and spikes in the data.
  3. Scorecards: the overall stats (green background) show in a glance how the business is doing, they provide a quick and effective way to understand the bottom line.
  4. Detailed information: tables are the best way to represent data in a detailed way. As seen in the report, the tables provide more information about the products being sold and also the traffic sources bringing the most users.
  5. Additional info: depending on your business, you might want to add special metrics and dimensions to enrich your report (e.g. custom dimensions & metrics). In the report above you will find some additional information on the bar and pie charts in the bottom right corner.
We hope that this sample report helps you get up and running. Feel free to share your own report in the comments, we would love to learn how you are using Data Studio to report and visualize your data!
This report was created using a Google Analytics data source, check this step-by-step guide for a detailed account on how to create Data Studio reports using Google Analytics. Learn more about Data Studio in the Help Centre: 

Posted by Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate

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Data Studio: New, Simplified, AdWords Connector

Google Data Studio is our new Business Intelligence product that makes it easy to connect, visualize, and share data. Today we updated the Google Data Studio AdWords connector to be more flexible and easier to use.

The AdWords connector allows AdWords customers to access their AdWords account data in Data Studio, build visually stunning reports, and share those reports to business stakeholders across their organization.

Report built with the AdWords connector in Google Data Studio 

With our recent update, the new AdWords connector now unifies over 100 AdWords dimensions and metrics as a single list, making it easier select the data you want to visualize.

20 of over 100 dimensions and metrics available in the new connector 

The new connector also supports many more combinations of dimensions and metrics, dramatically simplifying building reports.

Customizing a table with AdWords data in the Report Editor 

Of course, when you build AdWords reports with Data Studio, all the existing Data Studio features are compatible with this data including: calculated metrics, derived fields, custom visualizations, rich styling and custom branding, simplified sharing through Google Drive and realtime collaboration. 

These new changes are available today in both Data Studio 360 and Data Studio versions. To use the new connector, you must create a new Data Studio Data Source. Data Source using the previous connector will continue to work. Please read our help documentation on how to migrate to the new version

We’re excited to see all of the new reports customers will create with this enhancement.

Posted by Nick Mihailovski, Google Data Studio team

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Aturan Ganjil-Genap Pemprov DKI Jakarta

Perhatian! Bila Berhasil, Aturan Ganjil-Genap Efektif Mulai 30 Agustus 2016 | tumbuh hilang berganti! Begitulah beragam peraturan yang kerap diterapkan dalam keh… Continue reading

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Kompetisi 54 BERKAHPOKER

Sejak tanggal 15 Mei 2016, BERKAHPOKER Agen Poker Online Uang Asli Terpercaya Indonesia telah menyelenggarakan suatu kompetisi menulis yang dapa… Continue reading

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Kompetisi 40 SARANA365

Sejak tanggal 25 April 2016, SARANA365 Bandar Bola Judi Casino Online Agen Euro Togel Terbaik Indonesia telah menyelenggarakan sua… Continue reading

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Kompetisi 7 Senang77

Sejak tanggal 10 Mei 2016, Senang77 Agen Texas Poker dan Bandar Domino QQ Online Terpercaya Indonesia telah menyelenggarakan suatu komp… Continue reading

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